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What Do Cookies and Meth Have in Common? The Neuroscience of Addiction

“My drug of choice is food. I use food for the same reasons an addict uses drugs: to comfort, to soothe, to ease stress.”

So said Oprah Winfrey, media mogul, producer, and philanthropist. Oprah’s candid words highlight the link between food and drug abuse, capturing the addictive struggle that millions of Americans face daily.

Thanks to decades of research, we have a stronger understanding of the neuroscience of addiction.

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Is Addiction a Disease? An Interview with Dr. Sally Satel

In the last twenty years, the idea of addiction and the brain disease model - in other words, the concept that addiction is a disease - has soared in popularity.

It is supported by many respected individuals and organizations. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) currently defines addiction as “a chronic and relapsing brain disease.”

Similarly, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) calls addiction “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.”

But does that mean that the millions of Americans who struggle with addiction cannot recover fully?

Do these definitions encompass the true nature of addiction, or is there more to the story? 

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Freedom from Anxiety and Addiction: An Interview with Jodi Aman

Have you ever felt hopeless and powerless in the face of your anxiety? Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could just feel better for good ... while simultaneously believing that recovering from anxiety isn’t a possibility?

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Sobriety Quotes: Neil Steinberg on Going to Rehab

What does it feel like to check yourself into rehab? Recently we interviewed journalist and author Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times on his struggle with alcohol, his time in rehab, and his ultimately successful recovery.

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Is There a Myth about Childhood Trauma and Addiction? Q&A with Author Neil Steinberg

One of the most pervasive myths about mental and emotional trauma is that it is only “allowed” in the wake of major abuse or violence.

While physical and sexual abuse are certainly traumatic - and frighteningly common - they’re not the only requirements for trauma.

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What is Spiritual Wellness? An Interview with Ilchi Lee

What is Spiritual Wellness? Some people define spiritual wellness as an alignment between your values and the way in which you live your life. Others say that it has to do with finding your purpose and living life with compassion for yourself and others.

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Out of the Wreck I Rise: Interview with Neil Steinberg

Addiction is easy to fall into and hard to escape. It destroys the lives of individuals, and it has a devastating cost to society. The National Institute of Health estimates that seventeen million adults in the United States are alcoholics or have a serious problem with alcohol.

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