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Codependency Addiction's Best Friend

You’re struggling with an addiction. The person who lives with you can choose to worsen your condition or contribute to your desire for treatment. How is codependency addiction's best friend? If your loved one decides to support your drug habit, that’s a learned behavior, which mental health professionals call codependency.

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Book Review: When Your Partner Has An Addiction

What do you do when your partner has an addiction? Stay or walk away?

Perhaps you’re wrestling with this question, having heard well-meaning advice from friends and family who tell you to just leave rather than run the risk of enabling.

That leaves you wondering, Does simply staying in a relationship with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol constitute enabling?

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Interview: When Your Partner Has An Addiction

Photo credit: Connie Ma

Today we're speaking with author and activist Christopher Kennedy Lawford. He has spent twenty years in the film and TV industries as an actor, lawyer, executive, and producer. He's the author of three New York Times best selling books, Symptoms Of Withdrawal, Moments Of Clarity, and Recover To Live.

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Reviewing Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery

Leading addiction expert Erica Spiegelman discusses her revolutionary new book, "REWIRED: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery." Rewired is a new, breakthrough approach to fighting addiction and self-damaging behavior by acknowledging our personal power to bring ourselves back from the brink.

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7 Ways to Deal with Addiction During the Holidays

If the thought of spending time with your family this holiday causes you to feel anxious and apprehensive, does that makes you ... a very bad person?

Actually, it makes you human.

If you’re feeling stressed about family time with a loved one who has an addiction, you aren't the only one.

How do you deal with your loved one's addiction during the holidays without stepping on land mines and having things flame out of control?

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Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a battle – a battle worth fighting. Far too many have given up from lack of hope, lack of direction, lack of support, or simply from lack of effort. Yet each person has the ability to win the fight.

The right residential addiction treatment program can help you learn how to heal, setting you free to live more of your life in love, peace, harmony and joy. By contrast, the wrong rehab program can set you back tens of thousands of dollars with little to show but a tan and some volleyball skills.

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Free eBook: Supporting A Loved One Struggling with Addiction

If you’ve just realized that your loved one has an addiction, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the ramifications of the news. You may struggle just to get through your days, and that’s entirely understandable. After all, you’re coping with many practical concerns, from treatment options to family finances to insurance coverage.

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Opioid Addiction Medication: A Step Forward or a Step Backward?

Trending news in the recovery community: a longstanding governmental rule about the number of patients for whom doctors can prescribe opioid addiction medication - such as buprenorphine - may be revised soon.  

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Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment Program


If you've come to the realization that Residential Rehab is the best way to heal from an addiction, you've come along way. Residential Treatment helps remove a person who is struggling from an environment that is usually distracting and triggering, and sometimes toxic. Now, it's time to ask yourself some important questions to help you select the right program for you.

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The Good News and Bad News Relating to Your Addicted Spouse

What was the moment you knew for sure that your spouse was addicted? Maybe it was discovery of a hidden cache of booze or pills, or the phone call informing you that your spouse was in police custody. Or perhaps it wasn't a single dramatic incident, but rather the slow piecing together of seemingly-unrelated behaviors such as increased irritability and secrecy.  
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