Non 12-Step Rehab Cost & Pricing

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We take a different pricing approach from the rest of the addiction treatment and rehab industry – we don’t hide anything from you. It’s our intention to be up front and transparent about residential treatment cost and our addiction recovery program. No hidden, unexpected or incremental charges.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our inpatient residential treatment program cost is $45,000 per 28-day session.

This is all inclusive:

  • Curriculum-based Program
  • Six Private rooms, two semi-private rooms
  • Six Private baths and two semi-private baths
  • All the food you can eat
  • All teaching materials...
  • Ongoing access to our AfterCare Program
  • See below for full details

We work with most private insurance and are considered "out of network." See more on insurance options below for details on the insurance providers we've successfully worked with.

We are aware this level of investment can be a hardship for some, and we deeply regret that premium care at a time everything is already horrifically challenging is an additional financial strain.

We want to explain why premium treatment that works takes money and resources to provide. It may not make our program any more achievable for you, but we want you to understand our company.

  1. We aren’t part of a larger corporation or chain and our business has been self-funded from its inception.
    • We didn’t want to open a typical facility, we wanted to apply the Principles of Spiritual Psychology we experienced as so compelling and transformational in our lives to the field of substance abuse and mental health issues by offering a program completely focused on healing underlying core issues.
    • We wanted to do it in the best way imaginable, free from working within the status quo of traditional treatment programs and rehabs that have deplorably low success rates.
    • We also are unwilling to be shackled by lowering our standards of care in order to increase profits.
    • Taken together, these conditions left us unable and unwilling to conform our approach to the normal treatment business model - which focuses on profitability and therefore attractive to external investment.
    • We had to go it alone.
  2. The net of this is that we've set up The Clearing as a Social Purpose Corporation, (SPC)
    • This is a special designation which provides us the latitude to make decisions for reasons of social benefit rather than profitability.
    • The Clearing was one of the first companies in the State of Washington to receive this designation.
  3. These constraints - coupled with our commitment to working in small groups throughout a continuous session - make revenue and cash flow absolutely critical for us to continue providing this innovative treatment program.
    • We must invest heavily in each session to present a program of such substance.
    • But it is absolutely the only way we can deliver a program of this magnitude.
    • If we couldn’t construct the program this way, we wouldn’t be in this business.

Once you make your commitment to attend, we in return, absolutely commit to you.

You are part of a unique and privileged group, carefully selected because of your commitment and invited to attend this outstanding group of like-minded individuals.

Don’t let this concern you, but less than 20% of the people we talk to are invited to join. We want you to be in a group who are equally committed and serious about their future.

How Does Insurance Work?

We work with most major private insurance companies, and most do have some benefit coverage for mental health and / or addiction residential treatment.

However, we are considered "out of network."

This means we are not under contract with individual insurance companies. "In-network" providers are facilities with whom the insurance provider has made contractual arrangements to care for their policy holders at a pre-negotiated reduced rate.

The trade-off is that you are limited to choosing from a handful of "in network" providers - whether or not one of these providers is appropriate for you. 

Our program cost is paid in advance. We take care of all the insurance billing, assessments, authorization, utilizations reviews, peer-to-peer reviews, etc. and the reimbursements will be paid directly to you.


Medicare, Medicaid, Apple/Obama Care or other state funded programs do not fund our program.

What We Do to Help with Insurance

We work with outside experts to ensure you get every penny of reimbursement allowed by your plan. We are totally committed to making your residential treatment care as affordable as possible.

Insurance typically covers 30-80% or more of our program cost, depending on your plan. Compare us to the cost of other residential treatment centers.

To assist you in understanding your insurance benefits, we will submit a Verification of Benefits (VOB) on your behalf in order to quickly get your "explanation of benefits" directly from your insurance carrier.

When we receive this, we will prepare a detailed summary to show you our best estimate of how your personal insurance policy will apply to our program and promptly email you both documents for your review.

Plain English - straight up, full transparency, no hidden costs, no BS.

Financing Options

We do have a health care lending partner if you desire to apply for financing. This is an independent provider and we have no influence over their terms and lending practices. Often, participants finance program costs and apply the insurance reimbursements directly to this debt.

We’ve partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending, a company which specializes in addiction treatment financing, to assist with payment options.

Please visit our addiction treatment financing page to get more details and a link to The Clearing’s specific financing application from Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Private Financing Considerations

If you feel our program is right for you, we offer the thought for your consideration: this may be the time where financial aid from others may be necessary.

If we are a fit for you, the transformation you can expect through this program is nothing short of extraordinary.

We totally understand your position and you may not feel comfortable with this conversation with family and / or friends. Most folks don’t want to ask, for a million reasons.

But though it may be challenging, first think, if you were able, would you want to be asked for help by a loved one in need?

Being straight forward and open and being willing to pay funds back when you’re able could be important. Having your life back and once again feeling enthusiastic, connected and passionate about life and employment can create the revenue to meet your obligation. Consider a written agreement that shows you understand and appreciate the help.

Many participants have chosen this path with humility. And humility isn’t humiliating, it’s advocating for yourself to get the best care you can receive.

Deposit and Payment

After you’ve been accepted into our Program, which happens after you understand it thoroughly, have all your questions answered and know this is the right fit for you, we require a non-refundable $7,000 deposit, we remove your spot out of the available openings and make our full commitment to you that we’re ready for you.

At this point your commitment is absolute, you’ve got a stake in the ground and you’re working towards arrival. Organizing your life to be away 28 days, packing, making travel arrangements, detoxing if necessary and believe it or not, feeling the enthusiasm build for an incredible month.

The balance of $38,000 is due 5 business days before your arrival.

Why Do I Have to Pay in Advance?

The full balance is due in advance for several important reasons, and we’d like the information here for your review for honest, complete transparency and understanding.

  • Every other residential treatment program in the United States has the policy of accepting new participants any day of the week
    • In the event a participant changes their mind or postpones admittance, they can and do replace them immediately.
  • This business model allows them to maximize and stabilize their revenue by keeping their program full...
    • ...but it also prevents them from offering a program of progressive substance.
  • So easy business model for them, lousy program for you.

Our program begins only once every five weeks.

If you elect, in those final moments to change your mind and not attend the next session after you've committed, your decision leaves us without the ability to replace you.

Unfortunately, we also lose critical revenue with no opportunity to recover and it also eliminates the opportunity for someone else to participate, because though we may have a waiting list, it’s not likely they could move quickly enough to join a session on short notice.

We are modestly priced in comparison to other residential treatment programs and invest far more in our program (120 hours of counseling vs. minimal individual counseling of some programs).

We have fixed costs and every penny counts. There are 26 employees and contractors and 64 acres of high maintenance property in play to support our small groups, you do the math!

But that’s what it takes to do what we do. We've created something special here.

We made a thoughtful and thoroughly evaluated commitment to you. The slot is yours and yours alone. The issue is settled; we don’t look for a "better candidate,", we’ve committed to you and we need you to commit to you us as well.

Addiction Recovery Program Costs

Our 28-day addiction recovery program costs $45,000. This price includes the complete program, counseling, all meals and more. Costs not included in this price include travel to our location, replenishment of your personal care products, extraordinary personal expenses, and emergency room and medical expenses. 

Our residential addiction treatment program options include the following:

Program Event Included
Housing for 28 days
Private or semi-private room
Private or semi-private bath
All meals, beverages, snacks
Psychological workshops
Group therapy
120 hrs of individual counseling
24/7 staffed supervision
Psychiatric assessments
Nutritional assessments
After Care

Not included: travel to/from SeaTac Airport from your home. 

Once you decide that you or a loved one will be participating in our residential treatment program, we will assist you in making travel arrangements and transportation to our location from SeaTac airport. We will make every effort to ensure that the admissions process is stress free, and as easy as possible.

Questions? We're Here to Help

Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision.  

Call us as at 425-275-8600 to discuss your specific situation and see if The Clearing may be right for you. It's confidential and there's never any pressure.

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